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How do we donate veggie bundles to our local Food Bank?

Food bank donations can be tallied and marked on the online order forms. Farm to School Manitoba has partnered with the Manitoba Association of Food Banks to distribute donations throughout Manitoba free of charge from all generous schools and daycares. All school and daycare donations will be received by the Food Bank of your choice at … Read more

How does payment work?

Once your school has completed fundraising, the school/daycare coordinator will tally how many orders are needed. Only one order can be submitted and it is final. Orders and payment are due at the same time and can be processed on the coordinator log-in system. Payment can be made securely via PayPal at the time orders are placed … Read more

Where do we get fundraising forms for students and children?

All fundraising forms are found online through this website and can be downloaded and printed at your school/daycare, according to class size. You will need to be enrolled first, and log into your enrollment account in order to download the files. Once enrolled, you will be set up with an enroll ID paired with a password and email address … Read more