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Watch a large delivery brought to a Manitoba school.

Food bank donations can be tallied and marked on the online order forms. Farm to School Manitoba has partnered with the Manitoba Association of Food Banks to distribute donations throughout Manitoba free of charge from all generous schools and daycares. All school and daycare donations will be received by the Food Bank of your choice at the end of the month that you placed your order. For example: if your school or daycare receive your Farm to School order in the month of October, all schools and daycares with Food Bank Donations in October will be arriving at their chosen Food Bank at the end of that month.

If your chosen food bank is not included on the list found on our Food Bank Donation page, you will have the option of having donation orders delivered directly to your school. If the option of donation orders being delivered to your school or daycare, you are then responsible of delivering donations to your chosen food bank.

Depending on the size of your order, you will need approximately 5-20 volunteers for about 1-3 hours. Here is a rough guideline:

  • 100 bundles-5 volunteers
  • 125 bundles-10 volunteers
  • 150+ bundles-15+ volunteers

**Keep in mind: The Peak of the Market vegetable delivery truck driver cannot assist with unloading vegetables**

Winnipeg Delivery Times:

The morning delivery slot is from 9:00AM to 12:00PM OR the afternoon delivery slot is from 12:00PM to 3:00PM. The third party drivers will call coordinators the day of their scheduled delivery only at the start of each time slot. Your phone call will depend on the time slot chosen by the school or daycare centre.

Rural Delivery Times:

The third-party trucking company hired for deliveries does their best to call coordinators before their arrival the day of delivery. For rural deliveries coordinators may call Farm to School after 9:30AM for a tracking number associated with their shipment.

Specific delivery times cannot be guaranteed by third party couriers.

Delivery date bookings will be available at a first come, first serve basis during enrollment which opens every spring.

  • If you have pre-booked a delivery date, Peak of the Market will confirm it after your order and payment are received.
  • If you have not pre-booked a delivery date, the fundraising coordinator will have the opportunity to choose a date during the online ordering process.
  • Keep in mind that your order and payment are due to Peak of the Market no later than 12 NOON, 5 business days before shipping.
  • Delivery drivers cannot unload the vegetable shipment. Please ensure you have volunteers ready to help unload on the day of delivery.

Once your school has completed fundraising, the school/daycare coordinator will tally how many orders are needed.

Only one order can be submitted and it is final.

Orders and payment are due at the same time and can be processed on the coordinator log-in system. Payment can be made securely via PayPal at the time orders are placed online.

If paying by cheque: 1 cheque per school or daycare centre must be made out to “Peak of the Market”. Cheques are due in hand at Farm to School on the order due date.

If mailing the cheque to Peak of the Market, please ensure it arrives on your order due date at the address below. If the cheque is received later than 5 business days before your scheduled delivery, your school or daycare delivery will get bumped. All payment and orders are due 5 business days prior to receiving the order.

1200 King Edward Street

Winnipeg, MB R3H 0R5

All fundraising forms are found online through this website and can be downloaded and printed at your school/daycare, according to class size. You will need to be enrolled first, and log into your enrollment account in order to download the files.

Once enrolled, you will be set up with an enroll ID paired with a password and email address of your choosing, as the coordinator you will be granted access to your school/ daycare’s Farm to School account.

You can nominate someone as the “Farm to School Fundraiser Champion” (perhaps this is YOU!). This person can inform all of the school and daycare group leaders, parent council, and teachers about the fundraiser and pass along all information to the groups in your school that are interested.

Once everyone is aware of the fundraiser, you can choose a fundraising period that works for the whole school/daycare to ensure no one misses out!

**Remember there is only 1 delivery date offered per school or daycare centre. Therefore, if several groups or classes are fundraising, all orders must be collected and placed all at the same time through the main coordinator account. Bundles for all of the groups will be delivered all at once on the selected delivery date.**