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Farm to School Veggie Day Visits

Thursday, November 14, 2019 – Farm to School Visits J.H. Bruns Collegiate

On November 14th, 2019, Farm to School visited J.H. Bruns Collegiate to view their veggie day delivery. This was their second year of fundraising. Both years, the school has had more bundles sold for donations than to be taken home by the students themselves. At J.H. Bruns Collegiate, they work to encourage healthy communities and giving back. The Farm to School MB fundraiser is just one of the ways they fulfill this goal! 

Students from all grade levels assisted with promoting the fundraiser and with orders, delivery, and distribution. Within the school, they challenged each other to see which grade could sell the most vegetables. With the 50% profit return, J.H. Bruns Collegiate plans on updating their theatre and drama program. 

Way to go J.H. Bruns Collegiate for another successful year and for your continued support!

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 – Farm to School Manitoba Visits Nelson McIntyre.

Farm to School’s Program Coordinator was pleased to attend Nelson McIntyre’s veggie day delivery in October.   

For many years, the school’s band teacher and NMC performing arts parents association have been choosing Farm to School Manitoba to be the fundraiser for their school.   

Grade 9 students worked together to fundraise money for a band trip they hope to take to Chicago, where they will compete in a musical festival and explore the music and art scene. Way to go Nelson McIntyre!

Monday, October 7th, 2019 – Farm to School Manitoba Visits Ecole Provencher

A special shout-out goes to the parent council and parent volunteers for organizing such a successful fundraiser. Even though Ecole Provencher had only one week scheduled for the fundraiser, they managed to raise $1,700.00.

On the day of the delivery, the Farm to School Program Coordinator was present for all of the action. From unloading to sorting more than 2,200 lbs of fresh and local vegetables, everyone worked together as a team to ensure veggies were ready for pick-up.

From the 2,200 lbs of vegetables sold, more than 650 lbs of vegetables were donated to Winnipeg Harvest.

Thank you to the students at Ecole Provencher for your commitment and generosity!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 – Farm to School Manitoba Visits Springfield Middle School

For our last visit of the 2018 year, we had the pleasure of visiting Springfield Middle School in Oakbank. This school has had many Farm to School Manitoba fundraisers over the years, this year is no exception with raised funds of approximately $3600! Along with raising a lot of funds for themselves, their group was able to donate just under 700 lbs of vegetables to their local food bank! The volunteers request to have the vegetables delivered to their school so they can coordinate with their local food bank directly.

This school works together with the neighboring high school, Springfield Collegiate Institute, to fundraise for both their band programs. Along with Farm to School Manitoba, the students carry out other fundraisers that are local, including pierogies, kovbasa, flower sales.

All the raised funds go towards band programming such as trips and bringing clinicians for individualized learning.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 – Farm to School Manitoba Visits Blumenort Christian Preschool

Farm to School Manitoba was in Blumenort to visit the fundraising coordinator and students from Blumenort Christian Preschool. They have been participating in this healthy choice fundraiser for years, and have donated hundreds of pounds of vegetables to different local organizations including Soup’s On Steinbach, Grunthal Caring Hands Food Bank, Community Outreach and Blumenort Church Christmas Hampers

The fundraising coordinator has said they typically use their raised funds to purchase new school supplies and equipment for their active preschool classrooms. Congratulations to Blumenort Christian Preschool on another successful fundraiser and way to support your local community!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 – Farm to School Manitoba Visits École South Pointe School

Our program coordinator had a great time visiting École South Pointe to see the action of their very first Farm to School Manitoba fundraiser. The school is raising funds to go towards the first phase of developing a brand new playground with play structures for their school. They were able to fundraise close to $4500!

A class of Grade 8 students along with parent volunteers jumped right in to put together almost 450 bundles! The Parent Advisory Council spearheaded this fundraiser and chose it because they liked that it can give back to the community through donations. Many participants chose to donate some bundles which amounted to just under 1800 lbs of vegetables to Winnipeg Harvest.

Congratulations to École South Pointe on a very successful fundraiser!!

Monday, November 5, 2018 – Farm to School Manitoba Visits École Howden

As returning program participants, the parents and volunteers of École Howden were pros at putting together their vegetable bundles. Check out the progress from unloading the truck to the neatly arranged bundles below!

The school has plans to carry out multiple fundraisers over the next few years in order to save up and build brand new playground structures for the students. We’re happy that Farm to School Manitoba is able to be a part of École Howden’s efforts.

Thursday, November 1, 2018 – Farm to School Manitoba Visits J.A. Cuddy School

This is the first time that J.A. Cuddy School has participated in the Farm to School fundraiser. And from the sea of vegetable bundles, it looks like it was a success! The enthusiastic student council put together all the bundles efficiently while showing off some wacky hairstyles for their Spirit Week’s Crazy Hair Day.

The school chose to participate in this fundraising program as there are many farming families in their community. They plan on using their raised funds towards field trips and towards bringing in special guests for the students like authors. Congratulations to all the students and families of J.A Cuddy on your first Farm to School Manitoba fundraiser!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 – Farm to School Manitoba Visits Oak Park High School

Oak Park High School has participated in Farm to School for many years. For their current fundraiser, multiple groups of students are putting in efforts to help fund a few different initiatives, including a student trip to Kenya, a student trip to Europe and for the band program!

Aside of from fundraising with local vegetables, this group also did a local cheese fundraiser with Bothwell Cheese. Way to support local foods, Oak Park High School!!

Thursday, October 4, 2018 – Farm to School Manitoba visited Lockport School

The Lockport Band Parents Association has been participating in the Farm to School fundraiser for the past six years to assist in covering expenses related to musical studies, annual music retreats and participation/attendance to festivals.

This year, Lockport School achieved their highest fundraising profit amount to date at over $7,500. That means they sold over $15,000 of fresh, Manitoba produce! Congratulations and way to go, Lockport School!!