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Vegetable Fundraiser Program Overview

Fundraise by selling fresh Manitoba vegetables!

Farm to School Manitoba offers great profit margins for your school or licensed daycare. Your establishment keeps 50% of all vegetable bundle sales:

$7.50 for every $15 small bundle sold

$12.50 for every $25 large bundle sold

Aside from great returns, this fundraiser also:

  • Promotes the consumption of healthy vegetables
  • Sells fresh, local vegetables at or below supermarket prices
  • Supports local Manitoba farmers
  • Supports school and daycare nutrition guidelines and policies
  • Encourages cooking of fresh Manitoba vegetables with a recipe book provided by Canola! Eat Well For Life and recipes found online through Peak of the Market
Countertop Spread

Delivery Day for Farm to School Manitoba vegetables can be fun! Watch a large vegetable delivery brought to a Manitoba school.


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