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How do we donate veggie bundles to our local Food Bank?

Food bank donations can be tallied and marked on the online order forms. Farm to School Manitoba has partnered with the Manitoba Association of Food Banks to distribute donations throughout Manitoba free of charge from all generous schools and daycares. All school and daycare donations will be received by the Food Bank of your choice at the end of the month that you placed your order. For example: if your school or daycare receive your Farm to School order in the month of October, all schools and daycares with Food Bank Donations in October will be arriving at their chosen Food Bank at the end of that month.

If your chosen food bank is not included on the list found on our Food Bank Donation page, you will have the option of having donation orders delivered directly to your school. If the option of donation orders being delivered to your school or daycare, you are then responsible of delivering donations to your chosen food bank.