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For a successful vegetable fundraiser, you will need:

  • A great team of volunteers and/or parents who can unload the vegetables from the truck as well as sort/pack them into the reusable bags so they are ready for distribution ** Note: only 1 reusable bag per bundle order is provided**
  • Adequate space to receive and sort the vegetables; trolleys or carts may be needed for high volume orders
  • Parents to help the children and students take the vegetable bundles home on the scheduled delivery date in order to pass them along to those who purchased from them

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Farm to School Bundle A $12 2lb carrots 2lb onions 5lb red potatoes $6 profit
Farm to School Bundle B $22 3lb carrots 3lb onions 10lb red potatoes 1lb parsnips 1 head of green cabbage $11profit

Steps for a successful Farm to School Manitoba fundraiser:

Enroll online and schedule a delivery date for your school or licensed daycare in the Farm to School Manitoba Healthy Choice Fundraiser. At the time of enrollment, a delivery date can be chosen on a first come first serve basis using the coordinator login system.

Print off and distribute Student or Child Order Forms to all those who are participating in fundraising. These can be printed after logging into the coordinator login with your ID number.

Schedule your fundraiser anytime from September to December. Dates for the Fall 2019 season will be posted soon!

Set timelines for participating students/children to promote the fundraiser and collect orders/payment from customers before the school/daycare’s order due date.

Tally all of your orders on the Student or Child Order Forms and Class summary Forms.

A minimum order of 50 bundles total per school or daycare is required.

**Save a copy of Student & Child Order forms for ease of distribution when vegetables arrive**

Visit the coordinator login to place your order on your school or daycare’s home page. This is the same place the Student/Child order forms were printed from.

Payment Invoices can be printed off from the coordinator login home page once the order has been submitted and the page refreshed.

Payments can be made online through the coordinator login (the order process will ask you for your preference of cheque, PayPal, Mastercard or Visa).

Please note cheques are to be payable to Peak of the Market and must be received by Peak of the Market 5 business days prior to your delivery date.

**Orders are not processed until payment is received.

Please adjust the mailing time for cheque payments to ensure delivery is received on your scheduled delivery date**

Cheques may be mailed to or dropped off at:
Peak of the Market
1200 Kind Edward Street
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0R5

Late orders or adding-on to already processed orders CANNOT BE ACCEPTED. Thank you for your cooperation.

Recruit VOLUNTEERS/PARENTS to UNLOAD the vegetables from the delivery truck on your delivery date.

Delivery arrival times will be provided by a third-party hired trucking company the day of delivery.

**Note: The driver CANNOT assist in unloading the vegetables due to liability issues**

Assemble bundles for distribution according to the student & child order forms. It is helpful to have an assembly line for each bundle size starting with the included shopping bags, and then potatoes with the other veggies on top.

BUNDLE A: 2lb carrots, 2bl onions, 5lb potatoes
BUNDLE B: 3lb carrots, 3lb onions, 10lb potatoes, 1lb parsnips, 1 cabbage

** You will NOT have to weight out the Veggies, vegetables are delivered in pre-weighted bags, volunteers need to sort out veggies into Bundles A or B and bagged within the shopping bags provided (1 re-useable bag per bundle).

Distribute freshly packed Manitoba vegetables to those who placed orders so they can deliver them to those who ordered from them.

Don’t forget to CONGRATULATE your amazing students, children, and volunteers for a successful, healthy choice fundraiser!