Our Mission

To promote the purchase of local agricultural products, nutrition, food skills development, and learning resources for youth.

Our Vision

Children, families and community members across Manitoba will be healthier by eating more vegetables.

Farm to School Manitoba Program Partners

The Government of Manitoba has provided not only funding for this program but also valuable support, direction and resources to assist with the development, ongoing evaluation and widespread reach of Farm to School Manitoba. This program is supported by the Minister of Mental Health and Community Wellness, and the Minister of Agriculture.

The Manitoba Association of Home Economists (MAHE) is proud to oversee the education, coordination, and community engagement aspects of the Farm to School Manitoba program. All resources, educational materials, and program presence in the community are produced and carried out by MAHE. MAHE also connects with collaborating organizations in Manitoba and nationally to ensure this program continues to provide high-quality public education and support for local agricultural producers.

Farm to Cafeteria Canada (F2CC) is a non-profit charitable organization that works to transform how food is experienced, learned and celebrated in all schools across Canada. We work with partners to grow the capacity of diverse school communities across the country to foster vibrant school food systems by connecting students to food and the local systems that produce it. 

Community Collaboration

Farm to School Manitoba works closely with other organizations that also have an interest and commitment to providing healthy foods to schools, daycares and families in our communities. These organizations continue to provide valuable feedback and recommendations for the operations and reach of our program.