Peak of the Market
The Government of Manitoba
Manitoba Association of Home Economists

How does payment work?

Once your school has completed fundraising, the school/daycare coordinator will tally how many orders are needed.

Only one order can be submitted and it is final.

Orders and payment are due at the same time and can be processed on the coordinator log-in system. Payment can be made securely via PayPal at the time orders are placed online.

If paying by cheque: 1 cheque per school or daycare centre must be made out to “Peak of the Market”. Cheques are due in hand at Farm to School on the order due date.

If mailing the cheque to Peak of the Market, please ensure it arrives on your order due date at the address below. If the cheque is received later than 5 business days before your scheduled delivery, your school or daycare delivery will get bumped. All payment and orders are due 5 business days prior to receiving the order.

1200 King Edward Street

Winnipeg, MB R3H 0R5